(28/03/20) – Regular Synopsis of Covid19 related issues impacting Kefalonia life


  • The first identified case of Covid-19 on Kefalonia was reported on 27 March (these facts come from several sources with good validity, beware there is a lot of false news being spread on social media at present)
    • The person is a Kefalonian who travelled back from Sweden with his family 
    • They live in Pyrgi
    • He first went to Argostoli hospital on 25th March with minor symptoms of a viral infection
    • He was placed in house quarantine until the results were returned from Patras
    • After the results came back positive on the 27th March he was transferred by ambulance back to Argostoli hospital following checks he was allow to go back home for a quarantine period.
    • His contacts are being traced to understand if there has been further dispersion of the virus.

The main thing today is we are all very aware of fake news being spread until an official position is reported by the municipality or hospital as there is much contradiction being spread on FB of note (1) saying he is seriously ill there is no valid report of this yet (2) he has been back here for a month, this is also not substantiated yet.

More importantly

  • We wish him a speedy recovery
  • We hope the authorities can get a firm timeline and contact information to see if the virus has spread further
  • We become even more aware should we need to leave our homes of social distancing and washing our hands.




  • The new supermarket hours from today are 
    • Weekdays: 7.00 am to 9.00pm
    • Saturday:   7.00 am to  8.00pm
    • Closed on Sundays
  • In your local area feeding animals can be done as part of B6 exercise
  • The Exemption Certificate of Movement, case B1 for a doctor’s visit, the certificate also applies to a visit to a veterinarian.
  • two young children can be in a car with a parent
  • Movement forms have now been officially issued in English
  • SMS to 13033 can only be done via phones with Greek SIMS, if you don’t have one use paper forms.
  • Taxisnet is being used for more controls at present, it is better that you have direct access NOT via your accountant only ,so ensure you have the passwords.
  • We should not base our social isolation decisions in Kefalonia on the reported ‘no cases’ we should assume there are cases but they have not been identified yet as testing numbers are low and advice is to self isolate unless you have certain symptoms.
  • If your phone did not get last nights 112 emergency broadcast ensure your software has been updated since December 2019.
  • If you go as a group (couple)  to the supermarket only one of you will be allowed in the store
  • Ensure you have your residence pass with you to assist in proving your not a new arrival who should be self isolating. There have now been reported cases of British being stopped by the police and asked about their recent travel history.
Date W/E 22/03/20 23/03/20 24/03/20 25/03/20 26/03/20 27/03/20 28/03/20 29/03/20
Identified cases  624 695 743 821 892 966    
Rise from previous day N/A 71 48 78 71 74    
Identified cases Kefalonia 0 0 0 0 0 1    
Deaths in Greece 15 17 19 22 26 28    
Rise from previous day N/A 2 2 3 4 2    
  • A live map and details on cases can be found here
  • #westayhome


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