(28-29/09/19) – 35th International Kefalonia Choral Program (Argostoli & Kourkoumelata)

On the weekend of September 28 & 29, 2019 the ΧΟΡΩΔΙΑ & ΜΑΝΤΛΙΝΑΤΑ ARGOSTOLI hosts the 35th INTERNATIONAL KEFALONIA CHORAL Events, in which the following concerts will be held:

SATURDAY 28.9.19: Concert at Argostoli Municipal Theater ‘O KEFALOS’, with the participation of the Italian choir of the city of TOLENTINO, the Norwegian ARCANIA choir, accompanied by the Norwegian orchestra and the Orchestra of Norway. Start time 20:30

SUNDAY 29.9.19: The Italian choir will sing in the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, in Argostoli, at 10:00 am Afterwards wreaths will be laid at the Monument to the Italian Soldiers (11:00).

At 20:00 on Sunday, the two guest choirs will sing at the Kourkoumelata Spiritual Center, with the participation of KEDIKE Livadous Choir.

Specifically for this CSE. , thanks in particular to KEDIKE for the disposal of the Municipal Theater, the M & C Foundation. Bourkei, for the disposal of the Kourkoumelata Spiritual Center, and the ROPOLAS Producers Cooperative, for his multiple support.

The Choir of the city of TOLENTINO, is a well-known in the Kefalonian public choir, as it has appeared on our island again.

The conductor is the friend and lover of Kefalonia and the Argostoli Choir, ALTO TSIKONOFRI, with a huge resume, recognized in Italy, and throughout Europe. He conducts many choirs in Italy and conducts seminars throughout Europe. His compositions have been awarded numerous times in music and choir competitions internationally.

ARCADIA CHORUS is a around twenty-member choir specializing in Greek choral music. Cephalonia concerts will be accompanied by a 14-member Madolinata (NM&C).

She has been the choirmaster since 1988, MARILENA ZLATANOU, classical music singer and soloist from Thessaloniki, studying at the State Conservatory there, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and Oslo of Norway. She has been living in Oslo for years, where she enjoys a vibrant and varied musical activity both as a song soloist and as a conductor, performing in operas and orchestras, on radio and television, on tours, in chamber music, research and presentation. the old music and many other concerts all over the country but also in other countries.

We are waiting for you at all our concerts and events.

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