28 road traffic violation found by police in Kefalonia yesterday!


Corfu, 16 September 2020


Intensive road accident prevention measures in the Ionian Islands

(8) people were arrested for deprivation of a driving license

(129) violations of the Road Traffic Code were confirmed

Intensive police checks continue to prevent road accidents and deal with dangerous driving behaviors in the Ionian Islands.

Specifically, during the police raids, which took place, yesterday morning, yesterday (15-09-2020), by the Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada Police Directorates, (8) people were arrested for deprivation of a driving license and were confirmed (129 ) violations of the Road Traffic Code (in Corfu (62) , Zakynthos (30) , Kefalonia (28) and (9) in Lefkada).

Among these violations stand out:

  •  (26) for non-use of a protective helmet
  •  (19) for excessive speed
  •  (6) for mobile phone use
  •  (3) for deprivation of a marketing authorization
  •  (3) for deprivation of security
  •  (2) for not using a seat belt
  •  (1) for KTEO as well
  •  (69) for other infringements

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