(29/04/19) -The “burning of Judas” Lourdas by the Plane Tree

The PS. Lourdaton “PLATANOS” organizes the event “burning Judas” on the second day of Easter at 8:00 in the evening, at Platanos – fountain in Lourdata.

The announcement of the Association:

On the 2nd day of Easter Monday, April 29, 2019 at 20:00 in the evening, you will revive the custom of “burning Judas”. The event will take place in the platform of Lourdata.

This special custom is observed in many areas of our homeland and revives on Easter Sunday or the second day as here in the village of Lourdates. From the previous, they fill a costume with straw in which there are crackers. Usually, he gets to the plane tree on a turkey and hangs him in a branch where Judas gets what he deserves for his betrayal. The continuity … thunderous and fiery !!!

Before the burning, the children of the club will dance traditional dances and will be offered to the present Easter dishes.

We are waiting for you!


Tomorrow’s second day of Easter at 20:00 pm, will revive the custom of “The burning of Judas.” The event will take place in the big plane tree in Lourdata.

At the end of the event, PS Lourdata the “Platanos”. 

 We are waiting for you!


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