2nd round of disinfection in Municipal Buildings and Public Areas of our Municipality

Greek Republic
Law of Kefalonia

mayors office
Vallianou Square
28100 Argostoli
Tel. 2671360160
Fax : 2671022572
Argostoli, 1-03-2020

The Mayor of Argostoli informs

The Municipality of Argostoli Saturday March 28 has started 2 the cycle disinfections in municipal buildings and public areas of our municipality.

Specifically, the workshops were disinfected in Poros, Skala, Omala, Keramies and Argostoli.

Particular emphasis was placed on public gathering spaces and in particular on the surroundings of our Hospital, pharmacies and cash machines.

Disinfection continues today in the coastal zone of the city of Argostoli.

From the Mayor’s Office

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