The good news is were obviously doing something right in our attempt to bring a contemporary English language based online newspaper focused on Kefalonia to you our audience.

We are delighted to say the statistics of our users is growing  daily and our peak hits recently was 4245 in one day, but more importantly the trend continues to rise.

We will continue to provide contemporary and relevant news to our readers who are balanced between island residents, long term Kefalonia addicts and one off tourist visiting the island.

To assist us taking our next steps forward in improving the FREE service we provide to (You) the community we need some more of your involvement to keep providing;

  • Your contemporary pictures of island life and events
  • Your knowledge
  • What changes you would like to see
  • Up front information on events you are running 

Between us we can continue and improve giving targeted information on Kefalonia and Greece, meaning you have to waste less finding finding the information on island life you are interested in.

So if you have any of the above information please let us know


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