32,000 Lightning Bolts in Greece from the last storm

The meteorological satellite “Meteosat 11” recorded the bad weather that hit Greece and offered spectacular images.
In a spectacular video released by meteo.gr of the National Observatory of Athens on the occasion of the bad weather that struck Greece, they depict intense phenomena as captured by EUMETSAT’s European Meteosat-11 meteorological satellite.

In fact, the 32,000 Thunderstorms that were recorded on Thursday (3.10.2019) and Friday (4.10.2019) over the Greek area are also perceived by space.

It is recalled that heavy thunderstorms, rainfall and hailstorms have caused a number of problems across the country, with most of them being located in Kefalonia , Thrace and Thessaly.

Τα όμορφα χωριά όμορφα πνίγονται.Αγ. Ευφημία τώρα.

Gepostet von Παναγής Καβαλλιεράτος am Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2019

It is characteristic that the highest rainfall was recorded in Ithaca and Xanthi, where 86 and 83 mm respectively fell.

Chill in Northern Greece, heatwave In Chania

In the meantime, the temperature difference between Macedonia and Thrace and the Southern Aegean was extremely striking and diametrically opposed.

Evidence was that while strong continental weather evolved on the continent, mercury exceeded 30 degrees Celsius in the Crete region.

Indeed, in Chania, the thermometer showed up to 37.6 degrees Celsius.

Return of bad weather from Monday (7.10.2019)

Although rains and rain will fall during the weekend (5 & 6.10.2019), meteorologists warn of a new wave of bad weather from Monday, October 7th.

Source -newsit.gr

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