4.2 Earthquake Earlier This Afternoon in Ilia

A further 24-hour rhythm enforced by Engelados has driven Western Greece with eyes looking all over the Northwest Peloponnese, but primarily in the region of Ilia

An indicative of the excitement that exists in the area is the fact that from 7.00 am Tuesday  to 7.00 am (Wednesday) in the morning there were a total of 37 seismic vibrations with four of them exceeding 3.4 Richter.

The latter, which was felt in Patras, was recorded at 5.24 ‘and was on the order of 3.6 degrees of the Richter scale centered 11 kilometers east-southeast of Killini.

Following this report there has been a 4.2 earlier this afernoon.

source -patrastimes.gr

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