40-year-old foreigner murdered in Ithaca yesterday, case immediately resolved


Corfu, 17 November 2019


Case of 40-year-old foreigner killed in Ithaca immediately resolved

It was resolved immediately, following a systematic and thorough investigation by the Argostoli Security Department in collaboration with the Ithaca Police Department, a case of fatal injury to a 40-year-old foreigner in Ithaca.

The case file for the offenses included, causing fatal injury , against a 54-year-old native and 42-year-old foreigner who were arrested today (17-11-2019) at noon.

Specifically, as revealed by the police investigation so far, the 54-year-old yesterday (16.11.2019) at noon, after a quarrel, in the presence of 42-year-old, punched him in the head and body, resulting in death from his injury.

The 40-year-old foreigner was found dead today (17.11.2019) at noon in a hotel room in Ithaca and informed were the Ithaca Police Department and the corresponding Health Center.

The 54-year-old and 42-year-old, with the case file against them, will be referred to the Prosecutor of Cephalonia.

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