51 stray animals sterilized in Argostoli over the last weekend

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October, in collaboration with the Municipality of Argostoli and the Voluntary Action of Veterinarians of Greece (EDKE), an action of sterilization, vaccination and electronic marking of stray animals were held, which are hosted by the Argostoli shelter.
In the two days that the action lasted, a total of 51 animals, 28 dogs and 23 cats of the shelter were neutered and vaccinated, a fact that contributes greatly to the well-being and maintenance of good health of the animals we host.
We thank the veterinarians of EDKE for the trip they made to our island to volunteer their services, as well as the veterinarians of Argostoli who participated in this action on a non-profit basis.
We also thank the Municipality of Argostoli for the coordination and implementation of the mission and especially for the interest they show for stray animals.
We also thank Stamo Kalogiratou and Menelaos Toumazatos and especially Joyce Broekman who kept the shelter on her own.

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