6 Arrests in Kefalonia – A criminal group was dismantled, committing internet scams in various parts of the country


Corfu, July 11, 2020


A criminal group was dismantled, committing internet scams in various parts of the country

A total of (30) cases of fraud were investigated by the police investigation so far

Eight members of the group have been identified, six of whom have been arrested in Kefalonia and Patras.

The police investigation so far shows that the perpetrators from their illegal activity received at least (59,000) euros

After many months, methodical and thorough investigation of the Argostoli Security Department, the action of a criminal group was dismantled, which systematically obtained illegal amounts of money from internet frauds.

In particular, the criminal group, whose timeframe is limited from October 2019 until today, consisted of eight (8) people in total, six (6) of whom were arrested during organized police operations in the last 24 hours. , five (5) local men in Kefalonia and one (1) local woman, in the area of ​​Kato Achaia Patras.

Specifically, against the six arrested as well as two more identified members of the group, who are wanted, a case was filed for the crimes of forming a criminal group that committed fraud and forgery in various areas of the territory.

As for their mode of action, the members of the group posted on the internet, mainly on a social media page, false advertisements for the sale of vehicles (cars, machinery, boats, etc.) and then withdrew money from advances that persuaded them to pay them. in their accounts, for the alleged purchase and sale of the vehicle.

From the progress of the police investigation, it was ascertained that the members of the group committed a total of (30) cases of fraud against individuals (Athens, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Kozani, Rhodes, Larissa, Arta, Serres, Kos, Crete, Pyrgos, Achaia, Skopelos , Skiathos etc.) of which (29) completed and one (1) attempt, obtaining a total illegal property gain amounting to the amount of (59,104) euros, while the expected benefit they attempted to obtain exceeds (120,000) euro.

Remarkable are the special measures they took for the telephone communications they made, using a variety of telephone connections, which they alternated at regular intervals and were reported to other persons.

During the searches carried out in the homes of the arrested as well as in their possession, (4) mobile phones were found and confiscated, a large number of sim card executives, various documents related to their illegal acts, the amount of (405) euros and a car.

The arrested were taken to the Public Prosecutor of Kefallinia.

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