64 arrests in Kefalonia during October and 354 in Ionian Islands


Corfu, 04 November 2019


Monthly activity of the police services of the Ionian Islands

A total of (354) people were arrested and (114) cases were investigated involving attempted rape, theft and burglary, drug trafficking and possession, as well as other offenses.

In the context of the continuous information of the citizens on the results of the police response, the services of the General Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands, for the period October 2019, publicize all the arrests and exterminations in Corfu, Zakynthos, Zakynthos and Lefkada, as well as the most important cases that the police services were involved in.


1. A total of (354) people were arrested, of which (64) in Kefalonia, (212) in Corfu, (50) in Zakynthos and (28) in Lefkada.

Among these arrests are one (1) attempted rape, (27) another for drug trafficking and possession, (27) for theft and burglary, and (72) arrests for violations of aliens law.

2. A total of (114) cases were resolved, distinguishing them from:

  • (1) attempted rape
  • (27) cases of theft and burglary
  • (26) drug trafficking and possession cases; and
  • (61) for other offenses

3. In the course of investigating the cases occupied by the police services, several items were seized from them :

Cocaine 151 grams
Raw cannabis 5.165 grams
Knives, Glutes 5
Types of trade 250
Amount of money 2,800 euros


Indicatively, the cases that were solved during the period considered include:

  • The arrest, on 16-10-2019, of a national for cocaine trafficking in Corfu.
  • The resolution, on 18-10-2019, of five cases of telephone fraud in Corfu and other areas of the country.
  • The arrests of two people on 31-10-2019 for drug trafficking in Kefalonia.
  • The arrest of a national on 31-10-2019 for a European arrest warrant in Corfu.

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