6,650 lightning bolts fell by 14:00 – Bad weather is approaching Attica

The lightning dance that fell on Monday / Photo: Meteo.gr

Winter came shortly afterwards, as Monday morning has seen severe weather in many parts of the country with bad weather especially affecting Western Greece.

An indication of the change in weather is that during the heavy rains it is noted that by 14:00 there were 3,500 lightning drops. Indeed there is concern as bad weather is likely to hit Attica in the afternoon.

The cold front stretching from Serbia to the southern parts of the Ionian on Monday 4/11, which is responsible for the rains and thunderstorms in our country, has given nearly 6,700 lightnings by 14:00.

Otherwise, the cold front is moving to the east and is expected to affect Attica and the city of Athens as well as much of the country in the coming hours.

In an emergency weather report the NMS says rain and thunderstorms will continue today. According to meteo.gr for the rest of the day, further intensification of the phenomena from the west is expected, where local heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur, and gradually expand to many areas of the country.
Indeed, the occasional rains in Attica are likely to intensify in the afternoon and local thunderstorms may occur.

Apart from Western Greece, the Peloponnese, Western and Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, the interior of Thessaly, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades are expected to be significantly affected.

Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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