7,428,000 € for Lixouri and Sami Rural Road Construction 

By decision of the Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Stelios Petsas , are included in the program “Antonis Tritsis” (invitation AT05 RURAL ROAD CONSTRUCTION) rural road construction projects for the Municipalities of Lixouri and Sami, with a total budget of 7,428,000 

This is the largest development intervention in the countryside of Kefalonia in recent decades in a total of 57 kilometers of rural roads , which will give impetus to the primary sector, production and economy of our place.

Specifically, for the Municipality of Lixouri , the project “Improvement of Rural Road Construction of the Municipality of Lixouri” is included , with a budget of € 4,073,400 , with the aim of improving rural roads, approximately 40 kilometers . The interventions concern existing alignments, aiming at the safe access of agricultural vehicles.

For the Municipality of Sami , the project ” Improvement of Rural Road Construction of the Municipality of Sami” is included , with a budget of € 3,354,200, which concerns works for the improvement of the passability of rural roads with a length of 17 km .

Together with the corresponding project of the Municipality of Argostoli , which has been contracted, for Kefalonia were included projects for the improvement of the rural road construction with a budget of € 8,500,000, in a length of 65 kilometers . That is, the distance Fiskardo-Poros or Lixouri-Skala, to understand the size of the intervention.

In cooperation with all agencies, we claim and manage the financing of development projects for our islands. The AT05 invitation for the rural road construction of the “Antonis Tritsis” program accepts proposals for the inclusion of projects from many municipalities of the country and the current development is a significant success for Kefalonia. I thank the DEPUTY Mr. Stelios Petsas for the support of our islands and the Municipalities of Lixouri and Sami for the successful preparation of the integration of the projects.


Panagis Kappatos

Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca

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