7,611 more international passengers arrived in Kefalonia during August this year versus 2018

A massive 5% increase in international visitors arriving in Kefalonia during August heavily outweighing comparable percentage increases in Corfu and Zakynthos.

For all the negative messages on tourism this Summer the islands marketing has produced an exceptional increase in passengers arriving by air and we all know the cruise boats have been arriving in ever greater numbers this year.

Bravo Kefalonia Tourist Agents



Year to date figures are also now showing a healthy 2.2% rise versus 2018 as well




Empirically many businesses are still feeling it’s a quiet season so our hypothesis is that, whilst the tourist numbers have grown, spending in some areas has decreased, potentially due to more people staying in villas (Airbnb impact), small increase in all inclusive’s and generally people spending less by choice or due to impact of exchange rates.



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