78 new cases of coronavirus in Greece today – 22 dead overall

Desolate streets – and good ones – few people outside their homes – also good – and pictures in cities that are reminiscent of … desolate.

Especially today, March 25, the day of the anniversary of the Greek Revolution, nothing reminiscent of moments of joy in the cities of the country, with parades and Greek flags.

The coronavirus, however, has no… Sundays and public holidays, and today, Wednesday, 25.03.2020, the “map” of the virus in our country is being updated, with the spokesman of the Ministry of Health for coronavirus, Professor Sotiris Tsiodora. , to take his… usual place.

It then announced 78 new outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece , with the total number being 821. It also noted that 136 people were hospitalized, with 53 of them in intensive care units, tubed.

He also noted that the dead were 22. 18 of them were men and 4 women, while 21 of the 22 had underlying disease.

“Keep an eye on your health. You need regular and daily communication if possible with a specialist ”, he stressed for homes in Greece where there is a patient.

And he continued: “Stay in a well-ventilated room. Ideally there would be only one person taking care of the elderly and the rest of the family in a different room. ”

The message Tsiodra for March 25th

“To conclude, I will tell you that today, our heroic memories remind us of heroic behaviors. What is needed these days and emphasize the need for solidarity between us all in the common struggle against the common enemy, ”Mr Tsiodras said after the news of the new outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece.

Subsequently, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Chardalias, spoke, informing that the municipality of Echinos (constituency of Mykis), where the man who lost his life in Xanthi, was killed by a coronavirus, was quarantined.

“I urge all citizens to stay in their homes,” he said.

source -newsit.gr

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