8-9 May – Cleaning events by Aegean Re-breath in Sami municipality area (more details to follow)

Our first action in Kefalonia!

We look forward to the first action of 2021! And we chose to start with an island that we will visit for the first time! The main reason is the special interest of the local community and local authorities. And this fact we could not ignore.

Our purpose is to visit different places for the implementation of different actions that will directly involve the local community. The exact points will be announced in the coming days.

Of course we hope to welcome you on the trip!


Pollution – Recycling – Education

Our seas, so precious for our survival, suffocate every day. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in seawater each year . It is impressive that 10% of all marine litter is discarded and abandoned fishing nets. Our beloved Mediterranean is surrounded almost exclusively by land, which helps to trap waste in its waters and to have a huge concentration of micro-plastics (fragments of plastic less than 5 mm, invisible to the naked eye, entering the food chain). According to studies, the problem is particularly real in the Aegean.

The Aegean Rebreath created to help the Greek seas to breathe again, through the collection, recycling and reuse of marine litter , but also through the adoption of a new culture of all of us, on waste.

Our guide in this endeavor, the principles of the circular economy and our ally all of you , because only with collective effort will we be able to give life again to the invaluable wealth of our seas .

Source – aegeanrebreath.org


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