8 fines of €300 for not wearing face masks in Kefalonia yesterday

Corfu 21 August


Results for measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Ionian Islands

Intensive inspections are carried out in the Ionian Islands by special teams of the Services of the respective Police Directorates for the implementation of the measures to prevent and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

In this context, yesterday (20.08.2021), in Zakynthos, an administrative fine of 5,000 euros was confirmed and a 7-day suspension was imposed on a entertainment venue (bar inside the hotel) because it had live music.

In addition, in Lefkada, last night (20.08.2021), a local restaurant owner was arrested, for customer service, without a certificate of illness or vaccination, inside the store, with an administrative fine of 2,000 euros and a 7-day suspension of operation.

Finally, yesterday (20.08.2021) until the early morning hours today, (8) violations were found in Kefalonia, (5) in Corfu, (4) in Lefkada and (2) in Zakynthos, for not using a mask – by employees and customers for which an administrative fine of 300 euros is provided.

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