Since January 17 we had been informed about the bad weather that has hit our island in recent days.

Successively low barometric systems gave many rains and storms, which at times were intense, while at local level we had strong hailstorms.

Also snowfall occurred in the Ainos area, while the powerful southwests also caused a problem in coastal shipping.

According to the station’s recordings from January 19th to January 26th, we had a total rainfall of 121.4mm corresponding to 121.4 tons of water per acre, verifying our reports for an expected rainfall of 100-150mm.

Here we have to note that in other areas of our island we might have even higher rainfall while the whole month is heading to record  an 8-year record… !!!

With regard to the week that is coming and this one seems to be rolling in an unstable time as again from time to time we will have rains and storms with a maximum temperature of around 13-15 degrees Celsius and the winds from different directions while snowfall in Ainos.