The Kefalonia & Ithaca Coast Guard Personnel Association expresses its warm congratulations to the Head of the Port Authority of Sami Kefalonia Anthrohos LS. SPETSERI Andreas and the Execution Service of the CA / Panagiotopoulos Argyrios for their immediate intervention in case swimmer in distress this morning today near the port of Sami.

The above, despite the fact that the swimmer had lost her consciousness, succeeded in dropping into the sea to take her to the land and giving her first aid, using a technique of cardiopulmonary rejuvenation, to bring her back to life.

The rescue of human life at sea is a self-evident task for the staff of the Coast Guard, however, the readiness, organization and impeccable performance of our business by our colleagues above were the ones that brought the good results and made us proud.

For the Board of Directors



AGGOURIA Gerasimos

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