90 years since the launch of the British submarine “Perseas” which sank off Kefalonia – Information and videos from the wreck

On 6 December 1941, the British Navy submarine “Royal Navy submarine” HMS Perseus “sank off the southeast coast of Cephalonia, from a landmine impact during a surface patrol. In December 1997 he was spotted by a group of divers led by Kostas Thaktarides.

The submarine rests at the bottom of the Ionian Sea at a maximum depth of 52 meters, upright almost intact, with almost all of its crew still in it, silent, a spectacular sight but also a time capsule of the turbulent period of the great war that was witnessed by man. It is a reminder of the passions and anguish suffered by all peoples in times of war, the struggle for life and survival (only one survived by a total of 61 sailors), solidarity and self-sacrifice (many locals concealed and escaped the survivor for 18 whole months). , risking their lives and those of their families).

After 22 years since being discovered, 78 years of sinking and 90 years of being submerged, a visit to it reminds us of the danger humans face, not only from the sea and other elements of nature, but also from nature. the man himself. But it also reminds us of the predominance of life that always returns as the wreck – a wet tomb for humans, is today an artificial reef – the cradle of marine life.

It is a monument from the past and a lesson for the future.

Telemachus Bieratos
3 Star CMAS Scuba Diver, PSS Technical Diver

Here are photos, videos of shipwreck visits as well as archive material.

 Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club (Skala, Kefalonia) – Telemachos Beryatos 

Pirate Divers Club (Lassi, Kefalonia) & Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club Joint Mission (Skala, Kefalonia)

George Sakellariou

Video of Perseus’ 1929 launch (archive material)

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