Yesterday’s Fire was Extremely near Houses

Battle with the flames literally inside the courtyards of houses in pyrgí, as seen in the material that secured the poulatakefalonias, they gave strong fire forces, residents and volunteers.

The Fire was manifested shortly after 17:00 and for its extinguishing according to the information from the fire department, 13 firefighters with 6 vehicles, 4 fire trucks, 1 helicopter and 12 water engines were tried. District and municipality. The Fire was put under control around 19:00 and at the latest it was completely burned. According to information from the department of civil protection, 12 different sites were identified, which would lead to the thought that it might be an arson.

Yesterday’s fire was the first and we hope the last serious incident in our municipality for this summer. In any case, it is worth giving credit to the authorities for immediate mobilisation, which has made a decisive contribution so that the fire does not take greater dimensions and to risk citizens and property.

Gepostet von am Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019

source – poulatakefalonias

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