Greece coronavirus testing one of cheapest in Europe – Antigen should cost between 20 and 30€

Research: One of the cheapest in Europe coronavirus tests in Greece

Greece offers the lowest cost of testing in the European Union to its visitors, according to a survey by the All Party-Parliamentary Group for the Future of Aviation in the United Kingdom, which consists of members of the country’s parliament and members of the House of Lords from all over political spectrum and was set up in October 2020 with the aim of discussing key issues and campaigning for the recovery of aviation, travel and tourism.

Research shows that, in some cases, the cost of tests for vaccinated travelers can be five times higher than the cost of a return flight. For the period from August 24 to September 4, travelers from Exeter Airport to Alicante, Spain, or from East Midlands Airport to Barcelona, ​​may have to pay five times the cost of the test. Similarly, the test for a traveler from London Station to Berlin will cost three times as much as the flight.

According to the European Consumer Center (ECC), countries such as Germany and Belgium have the highest test costs, while countries such as Greece and Italy have the lowest costs.

As for Greece, the research states that not only free tests are offered in public hospitals or health centers, but the tests are very cheap even in a private practice. 

One can pass a coronavirus test in a private practice anywhere in Greece at a cost ranging from 20 to 30 euros and get the results within 20 minutes for antigen tests and in 24 hours for PCR tests. These prices also apply in Italy, the research points out.

In the case of Spain, the cost ranges from 40 euros (antigen test) to 100 euros (PCR). The test can be performed in any public hospital or in private clinics and the results come out within a few hours. For Spaniards, however, coronavirus tests are free.

Germany is one of the most “expensive” countries in Europe in terms of the cost of tests with the arrival of tourists for whom it is required, as a test can cost from 128 to 150 euros.

However, German citizens returning to their home country can take a free test from healthcare professionals in Germany, although this can only be done once a week.

In Belgium, international visitors need to pay up to 50 euros for a PCR test and the results come out in 24 or 36 hours, although sometimes delayed by up to 48 hours. In very exceptional cases, the results come out in 72 hours. However, those who do not want to wait can take a quick test at a private doctor’s office, laboratory with a prescription or at a health center, for 120 euros.

In Austria travelers arriving at Vienna Airport can take a test at the airport’s special facilities. A PCR test costs 69 euros for adults and 49 euros for children up to 18 years old, while the antigen test costs 25 euros for adults and 15 euros for children.

France offers cheaper tests than its neighbors, with the PCR test costing up to 50 euros and the antigen test up to 30 euros.

In Croatia, the tests are performed in private clinics for 40-50 euros and the results come out in 24 hours.

In other countries such as Malta and Lithuania, antigen tests cost from 33 to 43 euros. In the Czech Republic a PCR test costs 57 euros.

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