Coronavirus: Concern and estimates for up to 10,000 cases in mid-November – “ICUs suffocating”

One shock follows another in the daily reports of EODY . Within a few days, most regions of the country “blushed”, with their hospitals “kneeling”. For days now there is no empty intensive care bed in Thessaloniki, Thessaly, Central Greece and Western Macedonia. One bed after another is occupied by unvaccinated patients. The new laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease recorded in the last 24 hours are 5,449, while 52 of our fellow citizens died of coronavirus .

Critical meeting in Maximou

The   government  continues to close any discussion on  universal lockdown , while rejecting the possibility of taking horizontal measures. The message is that there will be no additional restrictions on citizens who have taken the step towards “Operation Freedom”. The issue of the outbreak of the pandemic is to be discussed today, Tuesday, November 2 – with the return of the Prime Minister from Glasgow – at  the Maximos Palace , while a “marathon” of meetings took place yesterday (in fact, there was the participation of Professor  Sotiris Tsiodras ). It is reminded that the committee of experts will meet on Wednesday, which will propose measures to tame the course of the cases.

There will be government initiatives at four levels:

1.Intensify the effort to increase the percentage of vaccinations, which is below the European average. According to single dose data, 72.9% of the adult population has been vaccinated, compared to the EU average of 80.2%.

 Local government will also be “mobilized” in this effort, as there are significant fluctuations at the county level. For example, Northern Greece has significantly lower rates of vaccination coverage resulting in greater pressure on the health system.

At the heart of the effort are the unvaccinated elderly, as 20% of those over the age of 80 have not taken the step towards “Operation Freedom”. At the same time, emphasis will be given to giving the third dose to citizens over 60 years of age who have been over six months since they completed their vaccination.

2. Stricter controls for compliance with health protocols, especially in catering and entertainment. For example, there will be a “safari” of checks to see if health rules are being followed not only for the entry of vaccinated citizens into clean areas but also for the confirmation of identity. Checks are also expected to be made to see if open spaces – in which they sit and are unvaccinated – with makeshift structures are completely closed.

3. Further measures for the unvaccinated. The basic scenario envisages the increase of the weekly rapid tests to two or even three for specific professional groups. The debate has also opened – without any decisions being taken – for further tightening of the framework in the mixed dining and entertainment areas (smaller number at each table, opening hours, conditions for entry to cinemas and theaters, etc.)

4. Strengthening the health system, which in the next period is expected to receive more pressure. In this context, further incentives will be introduced for the inclusion of doctors in hospitals in the region. The possibility of redeployment of medical staff serving in Health Centers and vaccination centers is also being examined. On the table is the cooperation with private clinics in areas with a particularly burdensome epidemiological picture.

Peacock : The ICU is suffocating

In her intervention on the show “Hour of Greece”, on OPEN TV, the president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni, pointed out that things have become very difficult. Especially central and northern Greece, starting from Larissa and above, the ICUs are suffocating. My colleagues on duty are trembling because there are so many incidents that they will report. The pressure is great. Northern Greece has very low vaccination rates. We will soon have the flu, it starts in December. We also need to be vaccinated for the flu. Yesterday’s cases are a bell for what will happen from now on. And we still do not have the results of the parades and events “.

“There is heterogeneity in vaccinations by region”

Speaking to MEGA, Messrs. Grigoris Gerotziafas, professor of Hematology at the Sorbonne Medical School, and Nikos Thomaidis, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at EKPA, described the image of the pandemic in extremely black colors. 

“If in Greece they continue to waste time, by Christmas there will be a lockdown , and compulsory vaccination and a few thousand serious patients with COVID-19 will be added and the big private health groups will treasure the care of non-COVID-19 patients”, Mr. Gerotziafas wrote in a post.

“We saw this together for the first time in the spring, when I told you that the 4th wave was coming. It was a given that we would reach this state. Nothing was done to deal with it. Epidemiologists from April – May talked about 4 waves. In Greece we are in a basic lack of homogeneous vaccination throughout the country. There is heterogeneity by region, areas with very low vaccination coverage. In France we are 86% of the population vaccinated, over 12 years . Our life is normal. The big mistake that has been made in Greece is that they did not speed up the vaccination. It is a problem of general strategy “, stressed Mr. Gerotziafas, explaining his post.

“At the moment I see only two possibilities. “Fast compulsory vaccination, at least for those who are state employees, and cooperation with social organizations for undocumented immigrants,” he added.

“Without measures we will reach 10,000 cases in mid-November”

“I agree with Mr. Gerotziafas about the heterogeneity in vaccinations because this is confirmed by the analyzes in the sewage. Yesterday we had a very large number of cases, in a very small number of tests. Of these 5,500 cases, about 1,000 were in Attica. In Attica within a month we had a 100% increase in the viral load in the wastewater, ie a doubling. The dynamics of the pandemic at the moment are very large. Unfortunately, various models that give very high numbers in cases will be confirmed. We can very easily reach 10,000 cases sometime in mid-November. If there is no restriction, this will happen. “As long as there is no vaccine coverage, the dynamics of the pandemic will increase”, a warning from Mr. Thomaidis.

“I think there is no other way than to insist on vaccination, and compulsion, while there was time to cover a large part of the population, especially in the public sector, and to go to those who are afraid for some reason. These are not negatives. “I think we have given up trying to get closer to these people.”

“In Athens this week we record an increase of an additional 15%, and we expect in the coming days an increase of 15-20%. We will reach about 1,200 cases in Attica by mid-November. Science is cold. “Either there will be a vaccination, or there will be illness and hospitalizations”, noted Mr. Thomaidis regarding what is expected in the coming days.

“The state has the mechanisms to suppress various movements. We will not discuss how to suppress a movement of people who are clearly led by dark centers. I know from colleagues that there are people who go to vaccination centers, and some doctors tell them not to get vaccinated. This means that not only the vaccination campaign was not done properly, but also the training and information of the doctors “, said Mr. Gerotziafas.

“In France, we know that anti-vaccination movements are funded by the neo-right or Russia. These things cannot be done without funding. In France, a leader of the anti-vaccine was arrested who was preparing a coup, betting on the history of individual freedom. “They are financed from somewhere, these jobs are not done for free”, he added in the same issue.

“There must be a quick lockdown, mandatory vaccination at least in the public sector in order for society to relax and function well after two months,” Mr. Gerotziafas concluded.

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