Potentially dangerous roads especially for those travelling for the first time in the dark from the airport (Updated 9 April)

During the early part of the Winter Kefalonia experienced an unprecedented in recent years amount of rainfall which led to flooding and streams flowing across/under roads in many places.

Most of this was cleared quickly or has been repaired but major subsidence occurred in a few areas which has led the road network still being damaged.

For residents we know where these issues are but they are still dangerous and a nuisance, however for people driving for the first time potentially in the dark after they have picked up their hire car from the airport and head towards accommodation some could still be lethal.

Danger spots

Road between Ratzakli and Skala


Road up to Old Skala

Still needs fully repairing after earlier subsidence 

Lower Road between Lourdas and Mousata

Not so dangerous but even more potholes this Spring than normal and a lot of building work in area.

The road that leads to Spartiá/Korianna/Klismata

Is in a bad state with large potholes in many places

Skala to Poros road

Following landsides during Winter the road is restricted in several places particularly by the mushroom rocks allowing only one car to pass at a time.


Please share the post and any other issue (with pictures if possible) so we can keep people updated on potentially dangerous roads especially on initial drives in the dark as the tourist season gets underway. 

Finally on the positive note there have been several press releases in the last week confirming the approval of money to improve the roads in all the municipalities of Kefalonia and it is heavily expected the Greek Prime Minster will visit the island this year to formally announce the funding support to upgrade the main island road between Poros and Argostoli.


One thought on “Potentially dangerous roads especially for those travelling for the first time in the dark from the airport (Updated 9 April)

  • April 8, 2022 at 7:48 am

    Please, dear administration, add the first part of the road to Spartiá to this list. For years we were promised repair. The thin and brittle surface is abused by a daily Armada of heavy building vehicles. Every day one new hole joins the thousands of others already there. Extremely dangerous most of all for motorbikers. From time to time somebody appears with a bucketload of tarmac and fills some of the holes, to leave others out. It´s a joke. I reckon it has to take a tragic accident to bring the focus to this, by many drivers frequently used only access road to Spartiá/Korianna/Klismata.


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