Weather: The first big heatwave of the summer lasting 10 days is coming

The first big heat wave will “hit” the country next week with high temperatures and long duration.

The heat will start on Tuesday, June 21. According to the forecast of SKAI meteorologist Christina Suzy, the mercury will reach 36 degrees Celsius on Tuesday in the mainland and Attica and from Wednesday the temperature will rise even more.

As the meteorologist pointed out, the two hottest days of next week will be Thursday and Friday and maybe we will see the first 40s.

In fact, the first heat wave will have a long duration that may reach 10 days.

A similar forecast is made by the meteorologist of ERT, Patti Spiliotopoulou, who emphasizes that the data show that from the new week the summer returns, bringing with it an intense wave of heat.

For his part, Klearchos Marousakis states in his current forecast that towards the end of next week, warm gas masses are coming that will bring heat to our region as well.

Sakis Arnaoutoglou is on the same wavelength , who predicts that the weather will bring the first 35 arias on Tuesday almost all over the country.

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