Tragedy at a heliport in Spata: Unanswered why the propeller was working when the 21-year-old walked past

The 21-year-old who was killed on Monday afternoon (25.07.2022) in Spata , when he was dismembered by the propeller of the helicopter in which he was riding with his brother, is the son of a very rich British family.

The tragedy shocks Greece and Britain. An English family had hired two helicopters (!) to travel from Mykonos where they were on vacation, to Eleftherios Venizelos airport, in Spata, where their private jet was waiting to take them to England. But fate played a nasty game.

In one helicopter were the 21-year-old victim of the tragedy and his brother and in the second their parents. At 18:20 on Monday afternoon, one of the two Bell 407 helicopters of the Superior Air company arrived at the company’s heliport, near the Lolos shopping center in Spata.

The plan was: the passengers would disembark from helicopters and limousines and be transported to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, to board their private aircraft.

When the first helicopter landed, the young man disembarked but, still unknown why, the rear propeller was still in operation and, also still unknown why, the young man headed into the tail of the helicopter, with the fatal result of the propeller dismembering him and instantly losing power. his life.

Everything happened in front of his brother and the pilot, who were shocked. The second one, however, had the nerve to alert the pilot of the second helicopter so that it would not land there and the parents would be forced to see their child dead. The pilot asked for permission and headed to “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

The identity of the family has not been released but according to the Sun they are members of the British jet set. It stems from the fact that they paid almost 17,000 euros to hire two helicopters that took them from Mykonos to Athens so that they could board their private jet, to which they would be transported by limousines.  

A preliminary investigation into the tragic incident is being carried out by the AT. Peanias. The pilot’s responsibilities will also be investigated as to why the propeller was still operating. A case has been filed against him for manslaughter.

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