Chinese missile moves uncontrollably towards Earth – EASA warning for S. Europe and Greece

The map released by the European Aviation Safety Agency / Photo: EASA

Fragments from a Chinese missile may fall in Greece either on Saturday 30/7 or Sunday 31/7, according to the European Union’s Aviation Safety Agency.

The specific rocket had taken off on July 24 and is now in the process of crashing.

As often happens with such rockets, they are destroyed during entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, however this rocket is 30 meters long and weighs 22 tons, so there is a chance that it will not break into more small pieces.

According to the competent EU agency, the countries threatened by the missile are located on the southern side of Europe and are specifically Greece, Malta, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, France and Portugal:


As you will see in the map that has been published, if the extremely low impact chances are confirmed, it is more likely to fall either somewhere in northern Greece or Crete.

According to information from CNN, the Long March 5B rocket carried a laboratory module to the space station that China is building. The launch was successful, but the rocket carrying the cargo does not continue its journey and falls to Earth.

Also, the Chinese missile lacks the established control system, which enables an operator to set a predetermined impact path.

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