The characteristics of the upgraded Argostoli-Poros road axis: Panagis kappatos

The project is now considered national and is undertaken by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with a budget of 55 million euros .

We choose a feasible and realistic solution. The engraving remains largely the same. This solution was chosen because new settlement bypass drawings would require environmental permits which would greatly delay the start of the project.

With some local improvements to the existing road the distance will be reduced to 37 kilometers . For example the long turn between Jannata and Riza will be bypassed.

What new will the new road bring to our everyday life ? The most important thing is that in most parts outside settlements, the road will have a three-lane cross-section. That is , 2+1 traffic lanes (alternating) in each direction.

What does this mean; That overtaking can be done safely, while the journey will become more comfortable and faster.

A total of 8 sections of 2+1 traffic lanes will cover a distance of 15 kilometers . Specifically the departments:

  • Peratata-Caruza
  • Mousata-Vlachata
  • Vlachata-Simotata
  • Simotata-Platies
  • Atsupades-Markopoulos
  • Markopoulo-Kremmydi
  • The second half of the route Pastra-Agia Irini
  • Agia Irini-Zannata

Smaller sections of the route outside settlements that cannot be widened will remain with 1+1 traffic lanes, as today, but with an improvement in their geometric characteristics and safety.

Smaller road safety and pedestrian safety interventions will be made within the settlements .

From then on, particular importance will be given to the resilience of infrastructure and materials against extreme weather phenomena, with the main need being the reconstruction of bridges and culverts. For road safety, it will be coated with a new anti-slip carpet and special striping for the three-point cross-section.

Also, with the exception of the constructed section of the road in Krania, 9 level junctions will be formed ( Troianato, Metaxato, Karavados, Lourdato, Skala, Arginia, Kapandritiou, Kapitsato, Sami)

The works, which are aimed to start in 2023, will reduce the total journey by up to 15 minutes , improve safety and make the journey less of a hassle, particularly for drivers following at low speed and long kilometers of heavy vehicles. from F/B in the summer months.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is carrying out a number of major road projects that are currently being built throughout Greece, such as the upgrading of the old Patras-Pyrgos highway, the progress of which many of our compatriots are following on their travels.


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