Investigation into the death of a fisherman in Paliki- It is not clear how he lost his life

A investigation is underway in Kefalonia after the death of a fisherman while at sea. 

The unfortunate man was fishing in the area of ​​Gerogombos (in Lixouri) with a snorkel under the supervision of his colleagues. At some point they saw his body floating.

Panicked, his colleagues put him on the boat and took him to the port authority of Lixouri and from there to the Manjavinate Hospital. But he was already dead before his colleagues put him on the boat, according to

The unlucky man is not physically injured according to doctors’ estimates, and the causes of his death are still unspecified.

In the marine area of ​​the incident, the Port Authority will drop divers for an autopsy of the seabed in order to clarify the causes of his sudden death.

Of course, the final word will be given to the Medical Examiner of Patras, where the body of the unfortunate fisherman will be sent.

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