Kefalonia: Mystery with the death of the fisherman – What the expert opinion showed

The questions surrounding the death of the 54-year-old fisherman in Kefalonia at noon on Wednesday remain unanswered . As it became known the man was the son of the legendary shepherd of Imia Antonis Veziropoulos and had arrived in the area in his boat from Kalymnos.

According to ERT, in the expert report by the port authority of Kefalonia carried out on the spot, it was established that the mechanism, i.e. the compressor and the pipe were working without any problems.

In fact, the coast guard diver who dived at the spot where the experienced 54-year-old was fishing, at a depth of 35 meters did not find anything remarkable.

As ERT Zakynthos reports, the pipe was intact . This disproves the theory that a boat sped by and cut him off.

Answers are expected to be given by the autopsy which will be held in Patras.

How did the 54-year-old die?

The 54-year-old was fishing with the “hookah” method, i.e. with a tube that supplied him with air from the surface with a compressor.

While fishing, the diver’s assistant saw him floating unconscious and informed the Kefalonia Coast Guard, whose boat rushed to the scene, retrieved the 54-year-old, transported him to the port of Lixouri where he was picked up by an ambulance.

He was pronounced dead at the “Matjavinateio” hospital where he was treated.

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