Update about the recent pong from the sewerage network of Poros

On 3/8 Wednesday at 21:00 a technical problem occurred in the drainage system of Poros. More specifically, due to poor construction, the depressant pipeline that leads the sewage of Poros to the biological treatment broke, with the result that part of the sewage from the leakage filled the port area.

Five minutes later and while I was in Argostoli, I was informed about the damage and immediately contacted the people in charge of DEFAK.

As I considered that my presence was imperative, I immediately returned to Poros and to the area where the damage occurred.

There, I personally supervised the cleaning of the area with the Municipality’s fire truck and after all odors had been eliminated, we discussed with those in charge the course of dealing with the problem. The operation of the sewer had stopped and the sewage was removed throughout the night with barrels until the morning, when the problem was fully dealt with.

The leaking section of pipe was removed and replaced.

So let those who are in a hurry to forget that the President of Poros is always there for his place and has continuous supervision of what is happening in his village.

We are of course very sorry for what has happened and remain vigilant to deal with any further complications.

The president of Poros

Odysseus Galiatsatos

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