Boris spotted at the beer fridge in Greece as British face water shortages.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds in a supermarket in Nea Makri

It seems that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in Greece on vacation .

After resigning as Prime Minister of Britain and waiting for his successor, Boris Johnson seems to be devoting more time to his family.

Thus, after the wedding reception – a year after his marriage – and the honeymoon in Slovenia , the British former prime minister wanted to continue his vacation in Greece, specifically in Attica.

Boris Johnson in a supermarket in Nea Makri
In fact, the lens recorded him in a supermarket of a well-known chain on Marathonos and Dionysos Avenues in Nea Makri, where he was doing his shopping alone accompanied by his wife Kari Simonds-Johnson.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds in a supermarket in Nea Makri
As the photo shows, the former British Prime Minister is simply dressed in a blue jacket and white shirt, while his wife is wearing burgundy pants and a black blouse. The two shopped and were friendly with other supermarket customers before leaving shortly after in one of his security vehicles which were waiting for him outside the supermarket.

Boris Johnson is a lover of Greece and Greek culture
It is reminded that Boris Johnson has special relations with our country, as his father owns a summer house in Pelion, which when he is not visiting himself, he rents to tourists.

Also, the former Prime Minister of Britain, is a fan of Greek culture as he speaks ancient Greek, which he showed at the UN General Assembly in his speech on the climate in September 2021.

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