Latest weather forecast for next week in Greece

With Danielle located west of the Iberian Peninsula (B1), the situation in Europe will change dramatically in terms of weather conditions, since this particular barometric system will significantly increase atmospheric instability in the Mediterranean in the coming days.
Apart from the severe weather phenomena expected to erupt in much of Europe, what impresses about the data of the time is the particularly cold air masses from the Arctic that will affect much of Ancient Epirus from the weekend and beyond (B2)
However, given that the Mediterranean will be affected by an intense heat wave, this increases the chances of the development of a particularly strong barometer system as seen in the last map, as a consequence of the collision of hot and cold air mass in the Mediterranean basin.
So let’s get off our closets the warmest clothes, because especially in the mountainous and semi-hountainous areas of the country, the temperature will create the feeling that we have an advanced autumn and in the very mountainous early winter…
Possible temperature drop as much as 18 degrees Celsius from what we will see on our thermometers during Saturday
So less on the beaches, playing rackets in the hot sun…and more
Autumn comes with wild moods… 
Source of maps and information for Danielle and Europe: Tornado in Italia – Notizie Meteo Italia (Italian websites)

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