Personal doctor: Free tests with the first visit


“Citizens’ registrations to the personal doctor in just one month exceeded 3,000,000 and the doctors participating in the institution exceeded 3,200. For the first time in the country, the free doctor for every citizen is implemented”, he emphasizes. According to yesterday’s figures, citizen registrations had reached 3,130,000.

First visit benefits

The citizens’ first visit to the personal doctor will be combined with free tests, as Mr. Pleuris announced, speaking in the morning to the ANT1 television station, stressing that the package of tests will be announced in the coming days.

“When the citizens who have registered with the personal doctor are called for the online appointments, which will start in the first ten days of October, there will also be a package of free tests so that the first visit to the personal doctor is combined with free tests, to start to write the file”.

Referring to the importance of the personal doctor, he said that for the first time the entire healthy population is given the opportunity ” to enter into a procedure early on to have a doctor do free – without any participation – preventive examinations and to create a file so that the person from 20, from 25, from 30 to know the state of his health, in order to keep healthy and not become a patient.

 Other countries say, if you have a personal doctor you can’t go to any doctor. 

No. You can go everywhere but you are obliged to register. 

You are motivated. 

You have free exams, you have priority .’

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