Meeting with the Local Council and citizens in Pessada

Yesterday, Tuesday, September 20, I visited Pessada and the community store. In a meeting we had with the President of the Local Council , Mr. Makis Hartouliaris, the Vice-President , Mrs. Eleni Kappatou but also the members of the Council – in the presence of the residents of the village – we discussed the main issues that concern the local community .

I informed the Local Council as well as our fellow citizens about the important interventions being promoted through the NSRF program “Transport Infrastructures – Safe Port Infrastructures and Island Connectivity” of the Ministry of Commercial Shipping & Island Policy in the Port of Pessada , for the connectivity it has with the Zakynthos. In fact, it was suggested by those present that the Pessada Ring Road , which will lead to and from the port, be built at the same time in order to decongest the road network within the settlement.

At the same time, I informed them about the progress of an important water supply project concerning the replacement of asbestos pipes from the “Antonis Tritsis” Program of the Ministry of the Interior, 7,300 meters long in Pessada-Dorizata-Koundourata, with a total budget of €770,000, while the subject of our discussion was also the course of implementation of the new road axis Argostoli-Poros .

I assured the members of the Local Council and the residents of the area that I remain firmly on the side of the local communities , so that in cooperation with Ministries we can claim the necessary public investments in all municipal units . Many thanks to all members for the discussion we had. I believe that the new infrastructure projects that are being implemented will yield new dynamics and economic development in the wider region.

From my side, in cooperation with the involved bodies, I strive for the best, for all the villages and settlements of our islands.

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