Update on last nights fires and ongoing situation today in kefalonia

At the first light of day the local the local aircraft sited at Kefalonia airport supported extinguishing the fire in Livadi (Paliki Peninsula) supported by the arrival of Canadairs from the mainland shortly afterwards.

The wind has dropped and the situations is much better than during the early evening, however this has been a large fire that has destroyed many acres of farming land.

Some of the Canadairs are now dropping water over the scene of last nights fire near Spartia that was contained around 10:30PM last night and extinguished around 02:00am after the winds in the area dropped shortly after midnight.



According to a statement from the Fire Department:

40 Firefighters, 2 groups of pedestrian units, 12 vehicles are working to extinguish the fire. While 19 firefighters, 1 pedestrian group and five vehicles will go from Kyllini, while 5 aircraft and 1 helicoter were mobilized for aerial firefighting.

In the battle and the Local Self-Government with water carriers, Police forces and the volunteer groups of Erissos and Pylaros.

Further updates later…

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