Municipality of Lixouri: “Titanic battles were fought on the dozens of fronts of the fire” 

For more than two days, titanic battles were fought on the dozens of fronts of the fire that broke out on the evening of Wednesday 9/21 in the area of ​​Livadi.

Under very adverse conditions, with strong winds, at night when it was impossible for aerial vehicles to operate, in inaccessible areas where even communication with radios and mobiles was difficult, the fact that homes were saved and no one was in danger is a success in itself.

From the first moment the Municipality of Lixouri was present with the Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection Mr. Dimitris Marketos and the head of the Department of Civil Protection of the Municipality Mr. Alexandropoulos Vangelis who mobilized the employees of the Municipality with the machines (tractors, hoe and graders) as well as private individuals with machines and water tankers and followed the instructions of the Fire Service which had the general command over the whole operation.

The coordination was headed by the Commander of the Fire Service, Mr. Psarros Kon/nos, who was with the Mayor throughout until the early hours of the morning, and with the Head of the Lixouri Echelon, Mr. Kakko Christos, who was in constant communication for the best coordination.

From the first moment, also close to the effort was the president of the Kouvalaton Community, Mr. Dionysis Delaportas, who helped significantly in guiding the rural roads, knowing the area well.

Everyone who participated in the extinguishing showed selflessness and professionalism and helped as much as possible from their side.

Many thanks and congratulations to:

The Fire Service of Kefalonia and the Commander Mr. Psaros for the immediate mobilization and the operational readiness he showed.
The following participated in the extinguishing:
• 15 vehicles of the Fire Service of Kefalonia and 6 vehicles from mainland Greece.
• 2 pedestrian sections and 1 section of the Special Forest Operations Unit.
• The next morning 2 petzetel, 2 canader and 1 Ericson.
• A total of 60 firefighters.

The Voluntary Forest Protection Teams of Paliki, Erisos, Pylaros and Elios Pronon for their enormous contribution on all fronts of the fire.

The Greek Police for regulating and stopping traffic where necessary.

The Municipality of Argostoli, the Deputy Mayors Mr. Mineto Dionysis and Mr. Samouris Spyros as well as the workers of the Municipality of Argostoli Spyros Kakouris, Thodoris Zambavtis, Christodoulato Panagi and Vasilato Nikolas who fought with the two fire trucks and saved houses.

The Department of Civil Protection of the Region of the Ionian Islands and the head of the Department Mr. Lambros Nikolaou for his presence and participation in the firefighting by providing project machinery and water carriers.

The employees of the Municipality of Lixouri for their all-night effort and the employees of DIADEFAK who protected the water supply facilities.

Municipal Councilor Mrs. Loukeri Eleni for offering water to the firefighters.

The owners and operators of private construction machinery and water carriers who came forward to help and battled through the flames.

Finally by order of the Chief of the Fire Department Lieutenant General Alexis Rapanou a team of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes has moved to Kefalonia and is investigating the causes of this devastating fire.

From the Lixouri Municipality press office

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