Lefkada and Kefalonia get awards at the travel fair in London

…..which was organized by the EOT Office in the United Kingdom & Ireland as part of the World Travel Market

  • Lefkada won the best destination award in the “Sailing” category, while Kefalonia was awarded the corresponding award in the “Outdoor Activities” category
  • “This year, our islands have shown their potential in the first tourist season after the Covid pandemic. We highlight the common character of the Ionian Islands and at the same time the uniqueness and special characteristics of each of our destinations,” underlined the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi from London Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou

Two of the islands of the Ionian Islands Region, Lefkada and Kefalonia , were distinguished as two of the top destinations in Greece , during a special event organized by the EOT Office in the United Kingdom & Ireland , in the context of the World Travel International Tourism Exhibition Market , which took place as every year in London (November 7-9).

In particular, Lefkada was named the top destination in Greece in the “Sailing” category , while Kefalonia was awarded the corresponding award in the “Outdoor Activities” category, in the context of the Greek Travel Awards voting , which was successfully organized for the first time by the EOT Office in the United Kingdom Kingdom & Ireland, and voted for by tourism operators and influential travelers from the UK market highlighting a total of 10 Greek destinations as top by category. It is noted that seven British Tour Operators communicated the voting of the first Greek Travel Awards to their clientele who have recently visited Greece.

The General Secretary of the EOT, Dimitris Fragakis and the Director of the EOT Office in the United Kingdom & Ireland, Eleni Skarveli , presented the two awards, which concerned Lefkada and Kefalonia , to the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou , at the special event , which took place on Monday, November 7, 2022, with the participation of a large number of journalists, professionals, actors of the international travel industry and representatives of the Greek government and local government, immediately after the completion of the first day of the International Tourism Exhibition World Travel Market in London .

” With great satisfaction and pride, I received from the General Secretary of the EOT the awards for our destinations, Kefalonia and Lefkada, which were distinguished among many others in a competition by tourism agencies and influential visitors. Lefkada in the “Sailing” category and Kefalonia in the “Outdoor Activities” category. Congratulations to the superiors as well. We still have a lot of work to do to strengthen our competitive position “, emphasized Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou .

At the same time, the Governor referred to the presence of the Ionian Islands Region at this year’s World Travel Market – perhaps the most important Tourism Exhibition in the world, with more than 5,000 exhibitors from 180 countries – and the impression left by this year’s tourist season on the Ionian Islands:

” Our islands have shown their potential this year with an impressive comeback in Tourism after the Covid19 period. This year’s tourist season was a record for the Ionian Islands, both in terms of arrivals and receipts. A big “thank you” to the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism for the cooperation we have in order to send the right messages to the global tourism market about the common character of the Ionian Islands, but also the uniqueness of each of our destinations separately .

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