Heating oil: An increase of 7 cents per liter is coming within the week

An increase in the price of heating oil by 7 cents within the week, announced the vice-president of the Association of Fuel Storekeepers and Traders, Giorgos Asmatoglou.

As Mr. Asmatoglou mentioned, the heating oil subsidies given by the government exceed the special consumption tax, as – according to his calculations – the subsidies reach 30 cents per liter, while the special tax is 28 cents.

But Mr. Asmatoglou reminded that on November 15 the period of the discount of 7 cents given by the refineries ends, which means that from November 16 we will have a corresponding surcharge – of 7 cents per liter – on heating oil, and this under the condition that the price of the refined product remains stable.

Source – newsit.gr

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