Free cervical and colon cancer screenings are coming

Next week, the cervical cancer screening program begins next week, covering about 2.5 million women aged 21-65 .

By the end of the year, a colon cancer prevention program will also be launched. In our country, the National Prevention Program for Public Health “Spyros Doxiadis” continues, with actions and examinations of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, implemented by the Ministry of Health and provided free of charge to Greek citizens.

After the preventive diagnostic tests for breast cancer, “Fofi Gennimata”, come tests for the early prevention of cervical cancer, with beneficiaries of 2.5 million women aged 21 to 65.

The gen. secretary of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and responsible for the program Irini Agapidaki, emphasized the importance of the broad alliance of all agencies in the battle for Public Health and especially in the battle against cancer and explained the important contribution of screening programs, which are being implemented for the first time in our country, speaking at a conference on Cancer Health Policies entitled: “Cancer Conference: All Developments around Cancer”.

“These programs are very different from individual preventive control, since they provide population data to improve health indicators in the country,” he said specifically.

A screening program for colon cancer is also coming

By the end of the year, the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program will be launched, which concerns 3,840,000 men and women aged 50-70, while within the next 2-3 years, through these programs, we will have a complete picture of the chronic diseases in our country.

“The battle for Public Health concerns us all, it is a universal commitment of the State and requires a broad alliance of all involved bodies, because only with such a framework will we be able to face the post-pandemic challenges”, as Mrs. Agapidaki said.

She also mentioned the importance of the My Health Data digital tool, with the use of which citizens will improve their knowledge about Health, understanding issues such as vaccination, but also behaviors that help or worsen their health, etc.

Breast cancer: 2,500 cases identified

In the “Fofi Gennimata” breast cancer prevention program, it was revealed that out of the 40,000 free mammograms that were carried out, 2,500 cases of women with breast cancer were identified in time.

“Screening for other types of cancer will continue, while the Ministry has also taken other actions in order to improve the research, development and therapeutic tools we have to deal with the disease”, stressed the Pharmacist and Special Adviser on Pharmaceutical Policy to the Minister of Health, Babis Karathanos.

Prevention, treatment and clinical studies for cancer are a priority for the Ministry of Health, as he said, and this results from the significant results of the free screening in the Greek population.

In addition, in the fight against cancer, the National Registry of Childhood Patients with Neoplastic Diseases was established, which aims to provide optimal health services to children with neoplastic diseases, as a distinct category of patients.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Thanos Pleuris proceeded to sign the Charter of the Social Initiative “Breath of Life”, reinforcing the purpose of the Hellenic Pulmonology Society to create a society free of lung cancer.

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