More details and location of new 5 star hotel at Paliostafida Lassi

A 5-star hotel investment in Kefalonia is progressing – In which area will it take place

A 5-star hotel investment in Kefalonia is progressing as the environmental conditions for the construction of the new hotel have been approved.

According to the decision of the Ministry of Environment and Energy , the environmental conditions concerning the creation of a 5-star hotel in Argostoli are approved .

The new complex will be built on an area of ​​approximately 31.3 acres in the location of Paliostafida Tsourouna .

The capacity of the new hotel will be 292 beds .

The operator of the investment is the company TRIIRIS ANONYMI HOSTEL AND TOURISM COMPANY (AXTE) .

The new 5-star hotel unit in Argostoli, Kefalonia – Source: YPEN

The investment profile

The hotel and its auxiliary buildings (swimming pools, restaurants, entertainment and exercise areas) constitute two main building units :

• One (Section A) consists of a two-story building,
• The other building unit (Section B) consists of a central two-story building and wings of rooms

A. Department A

It is a tile-roofed building located at the highest point of the field in a prominent position with a 360-degree view, intended for high-level hospitality. It has 43 rooms, two of which are suites. It has a breakfast room, a living room, while a swimming pool is placed in its outdoor area.

B. Section B

It is a central building with a reception area of ​​160 m2, a terrace of 100 m2, a restaurant of 110 m2 with an outdoor area of ​​190 m2, partially tiled roofs with a vaulted configuration of the main areas. An external colonnade defining a semi-outdoor space prepares the entrance to the main building.

C. Wings of rooms

These are two-story one-way buildings. The rooms have large balconies closed on the ground floor and open on the first floor. Stairs and elevators are installed for the vertical communication of the rooms. The rooms are planted for the bioclimatic adaptation of the buildings.

D. Central swimming pool complex

1200 m2 swimming pool which will have a refreshment stand and outdoor seating area, which will be suitable for gatherings and events. The swimming pool in question will be designed along the coast.

E. Small Restaurant- Beach Bar

For the needs of bathers at the beach.

F. Outdoor cultural space – theater with 250 seats amphitheatrically placed with the sea as a background.

G. Surrounding space
The variety of soil contributes to the shaping of the surrounding space with retaining stone walls to form planting surfaces. The materials that will be used in the flooring are natural stone with a rough treatment. All retaining walls will be faced with local stone and hidden joint.

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