BERGOTIA International Athletics Meeting held in Argostoli Upgraded for 2023

Particularly pleasant is the news that came from the meeting of the European Athletics Federation in Estonia, where, among other things, the Competition Program for 2023 was finalized. The BERGOTIA International Meeting joined the Continental Tour Europe series of the World Athletics Federation (WorldAthletics) and was upgraded by 2 categories , with a date of Saturday, May 13, 2023 , at the municipal stadium of Argostoli “Andreas Vergotis”.

This upgrade, which came at the request of the Kefallinian Gymnastics Association (GEK) and with the agreement and support of SEGAS, was contributed by the competitive and organizational success that BERGOTEIA has achieved from 2015 until today. An important role has also been played in the creation of the identity of the Meeting (name, logo, history, etc.), alongside its promotion in the Media and on the GEK website.

But what does this development mean practically? The main change is that the athletes, through their participation in BERGOTEIA, can get more points and rise in the world ranking (Ranking), thus claiming their qualification to the major events, the Olympic Games, the World and Pan-European Championships. Until last year BERGOTIA gave 15 points to the 1st winner of each competition, 10 points to the 2nd and 5 points to the 3rd . Now 1st gets 40 points, 2nd 35, while up to 8th place is graded with 15 points.

This upgrade dramatically raises the level of the organization and substantially increases the visibility of Kefalonia in Greece and especially abroad. It should be noted that of the 8 international competitions held in our country and included in the World Calendar, only 3 include competitions of all categories (roads, jumps and throws) for men and women: Venizelia in Crete, Papaflesia in Kalamata and Vergotia in Kefalonia .

The replacement of the rubber running track of the Argostoli stadium, which due to wear and tear is not suitable to host high-level matches, is of key importance for the proper organization of the Meeting. We hope that with the immediate help of the involved bodies (Municipality, Region, SEGAS) the project will enter the implementation phase, so that everything will be ready next May.

Gymnastics Society of Kefallinia

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