Andreas Constantatos: “With the volunteer forest firefighters of Elios-Pronnon”

With the volunteer forest firefighters.

This group, during the six summer months, left jobs, left family, and took the hose to deal with the fires, which unfortunately increasingly turn our green landscape into gray and threaten residential areas.

These are the volunteer forest firefighters of Elios-Pronnon, “Volunteer Emergency Emergency Group of Elios-Pronnon Kefalonia”.

A few days ago, after the end of the fire season, they gathered for a dinner, at their offices in Markopoulos, where I was a guest. I want to support and participate in this beautiful effort and I recommend it to everyone.

The president, Dimitris Solomos, also gave me the jersey of the volunteer team. Orange color for the “orange team” team, with the logo of the volunteer association of my area.

Many members were there, first of all the former president Dionysis Papadatos, but also firemen friends, with whom the volunteer group cooperates based on the regulations set by the Fire Service.

In the offices, there are helmets, tools of all kinds to support the volunteers and even 15-person tents that can be set up quickly in case of a catastrophic earthquake, next to the plaques honoring the work of the “orange team”.

For the winter period, the volunteers have an infrastructure to provide assistance to flood victims and unfortunately we all know that our island has been the leader in natural disasters in recent years.

Voluntary associations exist in many areas of Kefalonia in Lixouri, in Metaxata in northern Kefalonia and elsewhere. It is fortunate that so many people are ready to selflessly serve their fellow human beings in difficult times and I believe that the flourishing of volunteering on our island makes Kefalonians proud.

The least one can say about these people are the words of the Canadian athlete Sherry Anderson

“Volunteers are not paid, not because they are useless, but because they are invaluable.”

Ultimately, the most urgent and persistent question for all of us, to remember Martin Luther King, is what we are doing for others.

And if we cannot be volunteers, we can become sponsors and donors in this effort.


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