Removal of all billboards from the provincial roads

Greek Republic

Ionian Islands District




                                                                                          Argostoli, 18.11.2022

                                                                                                 No. Prot.: 96

Removal of “advertising” signs and frames from the road network under the authority of the Regional Unit of Kefallinia.

We inform you that in the context of Law 2946/01, as it was recently amended by Law 4954/22, the Region of the Ionian Islands / P.E. Kefallinias & Ithakis now has the authority to remove “advertising” signs and frames that have been placed “on the surfaces of technical works, on dividing islands, in emergency lanes, in temporary parking areas, on retaining walls, bridges, tunnels, on the deck of roads , on utility poles and substations, on public information signs, on road marking signs and on the traffic lights of their jurisdiction”.

For this reason, the Region of the Ionian Islands / Regional Unit of Kefallinia through its services (Directorate of Technical Works P.E. Kefallinia & Ithaca) will proceed in the near future with appropriate actions with the aim of removing the above and more generally signs and contexts that create confusion and possible danger for drivers, throughout the provincial road network of Kefallinia & Ithaca as well as the national road network of Kefallinia (Argostoli – Sami highway).

It is emphasized that during the specific process of removal, a fine will be imposed on those responsible, by decision of the Regional Governor or the Vice-Regional Governor of Kefalonia & Ithaca, as well as criminal sanctions. In addition, it is pointed out that, as stated in the current legislation, the costs of removal, the costs of restoration of the site and any other costs related to the removal, will be charged against the culprits by decision of the Regional Governor and will be collected in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. NOT. in favor of P.E. of Kefallinia which will carry out the expenses.

For these reasons, we notify and call in advance the owners of all types of businesses in Kefallinia & Ithaca (real estate, tourism, construction, etc.) as well as the individuals who have placed advertising signs, to immediately remove the “advertising » the signs that may exist along and along the provincial road network of Kefalonia & Ithaca as well as on the national road of Argostoli – Sami, for the installation of which they do not have a relevant permit.




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