Zakynthos: Minor damage from a new 3.7 Richter earthquake – Two tremors of the same magnitude

Zakynthos is shaking ! The 3.7 magnitude earthquake, earlier on Sunday (20.11.2022), caused damage in Metochi of Agios Dionysios . A few hours earlier there had been a vibration of the same intensity.

The second earthquake measuring 3.7 on the Richter scale also occurred in the sea area between Zakynthos and Kyllini. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 14 kilometers from Kyllini and had a focal depth of 16 kilometers.

The earthquake caused serious material damage to the masonry in the metochi of Agios Dionysios in the area of ​​Panagoula in the city of Zakynthos.

According to information, the outer wall on the side of the road has suffered serious damage, as a large part of it has collapsed.

The building is located on a central and busy street of the island, as hundreds of students pass through there every day to go to the high school of Panagoula and students to the TEI.

For this reason, the Civil Protection service of the Regional Unit of Zakynthos blocked off the site for fear of new seismic vibrations that may cause injuries to passers-by.

The map of the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens:



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