Electronic records in 2023 with two new digital health services -Diagnostic tests and hospitalization certificates myHealth app

With two new digital health services, the Ministry of Digital Governance will make a “footprint” in 2023 .

These are the diagnostic tests and the hospitalization certificates , which at the beginning of the new year will acquire a digital status, as a result of which they will be easily accessible to citizens via computer and mobile phone.

In particular, the co-competent Ministries of Digital Governance and Health are arranging some final actions and it is estimated that by mid-January, details regarding the operation of the services will be announced.

What will the services be about?
The two services concern examinations and certifications carried out in both public and private health structures. The results of diagnostic tests that will be provided digitally through the new service will concern more than 400 tests, mainly hematological and biochemical. Essentially, they are expected to cover approximately 80% of the most frequent diagnostic tests in the first year, while additional capabilities will be gradually added . Accordingly, the hospitalization certificates will concern any incident recorded within a health structure, whether it is an admission, or simply a visit to the outpatient clinics.

How the services will be available
It should be mentioned that diagnostic tests and hospitalization certificates will be available digitally in two ways: either through the MyHealth application , or through gov.gr. In particular, with regard to MyHealth, two additional tabs will be added and, thus, the citizen will have access to the two new features in exactly the same way as he currently sees medical prescriptions, referrals and certificates. With reference to gov.gr, the process will resemble the issuance of a vaccination certificate: after the citizen is identified with his codes on Taxisnet, he will enter his AMKA and will be able to choose between his recent examinations and hospitalizations.

The two new services will soon be available for all health facilities in the country. In the first period of operation of the two services, they will be provided for certifications and hospitalizations from specific structures, as had happened with the birth declaration process, which was gradually extended to all maternity hospitals. However, it has already been foreseen that the structures that will participate in the first step of the two services will cover the entire territory.

It is worth noting that as the digitization projects of hospital records (which are already implemented through the Recovery Fund) progress, the history of diagnostic tests will expand over time. Something similar was recorded in the case of medical examinations: in the original version of the immaterial prescription, only new prescriptions appeared, but now every citizen can refer to a history that can reach up to 2012, depending on their insurance provider.

Expansion of the electronic health file
The new services are the next expansion of the electronic health file, which Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself has mentioned many times, emphasizing the added value it produces in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases and incidents. Like all projects related to the electronic health file, the new services are financed by the Recovery Fund, as they are included in the “Greece 2.0” Project. The implementation of the services has been undertaken by the Electronic Governance of Social Security (IDIKA SA) and the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures (EDYTE SA), supervised bodies of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

The MyHealth app
The MyHealth application was launched in August 2021 and in its current version is the prototype of the electronic health record. Its mission is to give citizens the ability to quickly and easily look up their entire medical history from their mobile phone. Already more than 320,000 citizens have installed the application. In fact, in December 2022 IDIKA was awarded by the World Association of Innovation and Technology Services WITSA for the MyHealth application the 1st prize in the category “Innovative Health Solutions” for the public sector.

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