Some confusion with the opening of stores – What applied to supermarkets

There is confusion over the opening of shops and supermarkets today (2/1) as the Christmas and New Year holidays fall on a Sunday.

The day after New Year’s Day is usually a customary holiday for retail trade, but it is not mandatory. For this reason, after all, the Trade Employees Association of Athens, in a letter to the Regional Directorate of Labor Relations Inspection of Athens, a letter which is communicated to the Ministries of Labor and Development, requests that January 2nd be recognized as an official trade holiday.

Businesses usually choose the second day of January to carry out an inventory, employing a portion of the workers, but remaining closed to consumers.

What about retail and supermarkets?
With the exception of those that do eventually open, stores will return to normal business hours from Tuesday, January 3.

The supermarket chains who announced will operate normally today are AB Vasilopoulos, Lidl and MY-Market, while the “Sklavenitis” and “Kritikos” stores will remain closed.

The opening hours on this particular day are the same as on all other days of the year, since the festive hours ended on Saturday 12/31 and retail trade returns to normal.



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