New telephone scam ; Impersonating electricity company officials

DEDDIE  draws the attention of consumers to avoid being deceived by persons pretending to be employees/representatives of the Company.

In Detail:

Attempts to defraud consumers by persons pretending to be employees of DEDDIE in order to obtain their personal information as well as information of their personal bank accounts (IBAN etc.), on the occasion of government subsidies for electricity bills or for any other transactions related to the Administrator points out the supply of electricity and draws the attention of the citizens.

It is noted that DEDDIE has no authority in matters of electricity pricing or the granting of financial aid for electricity bills (power pass).

Therefore, it is emphasized that no employee or representative of DEDDIE communicates with electricity consumers on issues related to transactions related to the supply of electricity, while it is underlined that no employee or representative of DEDDIE requests or will request from consumers information related to their bank accounts (e-banking, IBAN, etc.), either by phone or via messenger applications (viber, etc.).


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