The Technical Program of the Municipality of Sami for 2023. Detailed projects for all Municipal Units

The Municipal Council of the Municipality of Sami, in the context of its recent 1st Regular Meeting, approved by majority the Technical Program of the Municipality for 2023, based on the relevant recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The program includes projects, studies and supplies totaling €15,182,809.51, of which €13,618,322.97 pertains to projects funded by the “Philodimos” program and grants from the Ministries of Interior, Development, Shipping & Islands Policy, the Green Fund of the Ministry of Environment & Energy et al.

In addition, projects amounting to €748,186.02 will be financed from the revenues for renewable energy sources, projects amounting to €458,254.23 will be financed from the Collective Decision of Local Government and finally, the projects financed from the Municipality’s own resources will reach €358,046.29.

The most important projects such as these have been recorded in detail in the technical program are the following:

  • Improvement of rural roads of the Municipality of Sami: €3,354,200.00
  • Port upgrade projects of Agia Efimia: €2,800,000.00
  • Cementing of the existing road to Palaia Mouzakata: €814,000
  • Supply of a portable seawater desalination unit with a capacity of 1,000m3/d in Fiskardo: €800,000.00
  • Supply of a portable seawater desalination unit with a capacity of 1600m3/d in Assos: €600,000
  • Supply of project machinery, vehicles and accompanying equipment: €543,860.00
  • Maintenance and repair of school units and courtyards: €510,430.44
  • Study of projects to upgrade the port of Agia Efimia: €468,996.97
  • Rehabilitation of the Bekatorata road: €420,000
  • Restoration – configuration of the central square and wider public areas of Assos: €350,000
  • Construction of retaining walls from the damage caused by “Ianos”: €315,089.88
  • Rehabilitation of Agia Efimia port facility: €262,575.07
  • Janos restoration works: €251,258.82
  • Paving of the internal network of Makriotiki: €250,000.00
  • Creation of the Spiritual Center of Fiskardo: €218,468
  • Construction of retaining walls: 205,910.12
  • Supply of prefabricated heavy-duty rooms for the creation of a kindergarten in Erisos: €185,538.63
  • Maturation study for the regeneration – promotion of the Sami Cave Park: €183,866.84
  • Repair and maintenance of Karavomylos sports facilities: €150,000.00
  • Supply of garbage vehicles, project machinery and accompanying equipment: €150,000
  • Rehabilitation of Karavomylos bridges: €146,394.88
  • Construction of a 5X5 field: €137,500
  • Erissos water supply study: €121,022.05
  • Construction of a basketball and tennis court: €115,600
  • Sami Municipal Unity Road Construction: €100,000
  • Erissa Municipal Unit Roadworks: €90,000
  • Supply and installation of playgrounds: €85,000
  • Construction of a retaining wall of the Roman Valanei – Krine building and building remains in Loutro: €85,000
  • Update and completion of the study for the configuration and repair of the scout building: €78,514.17
  • Cementing of the Ypapantis – Anomeria road: €74,400
  • Restoration and maintenance of Polycentro Pylaros: €74,400
  • Traffic study of Sami, Agia Efimia, Fiskardo and Assos: €74,252.11
  • Elaboration of a study of hydrological research and hydrometeorological risks: €68,200
  • Makriotiki Road Construction: €60,409.46
  • Pylaros Municipal Unity Road Construction: €60,000
  • Supplies of fixed assets for the construction of a water supply network and water reservoir in Vary and Karia: €59,520.20

In addition to the main projects above, there are a significant number of lower-cost projects in all three Municipal Units, either they were included in previous technical programs, or they are new additions. Indicatively for the Municipal Unit of Sami we mention:

  • Paving of the streets of the city of Sami: €44,546.92
  • Architectural preliminary study of exterior spaces of Melissani and Drogarati caves: €37,200
  • Karavomylos sidewalks: €30,000
  • Computer study of Melissani and Drogarati caves: €19,940
  • Maintenance and improvement works of Pyrgiou stadium: €15,000

Also included in the technical program are the following studies concerning our Municipal Unit:

  • Demarcation of streams for the needs of studying the Sami city plan
  • Central Squares of Sami, Katapodata and Tsakarisianou
  • Redevelopment of the beach front of the town of Sami from Manifiko to a fishing shelter
  • On the way to Antisamos beach
  • Karavomylos – Agia Efimia road axis
  • Fire protection of school units

The Poulata directly concern three of the projects that have been included in the technical program, namely the maturation study for the regeneration and promotion of the speleological park of Sami, which includes the caves of our village Agalaki and Hiridoni, the rural road improvement projects as well as the supply and installation of playgrounds.

In particular, the large rural road construction project of €3,524,200 concerns 12 interventions with a total length of 17 km, of which 2 interventions are in Poulata. This is the road that connects the provincial road of Samis – Poulaton with the Agalaki cave, 1,121.4 meters long, as well as a rural road within the residential fabric of our village, 961.5 meters long.

Regarding the construction of the new playground, we remind you that it has already been included in the “Filodimos II” program with a budget of €85,000 and, in addition to Poulata, it includes playgrounds in Antipata Pylarou, Komitata and Mesovunia. We hope that this year it will be installed and will not remain for a third year on the cards…

However, certainly recognizing that the needs of the Municipality are huge and the resources are limited, let us mention that there is no provision in the technical program for the repair of the former Primary School of Poulaton. An issue that we remind you has reached even the Greek Parliament. Just as there is no provision for the repair of the football field which could be utilized either by the construction of a basketball court or a 5X5 field. After all, the school and the field of Poulata are adjacent and any repair and utilization works would create significant added value in Poulata and the wider region.

In any case, we hope that the small or large projects, interventions and studies included in the fourth consecutive Technical Program of our Municipality will not remain plans on paper and the conditions will favor their smooth execution, improving everyday life and the quality of life in all Municipal Units and Local Communities, including our own.


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